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Coffee grounds: Can clog the spinning 'blades' and are a hassle to try to get out (they aren't always uniformly ground and can get larger pieces stuck and stop up the whole thing).

Citrus peels and ice: Very recomended by me who uses the disposal more often than I should (so, anecdotal evidence).

Pasta/Rice/Potatoes: STARCH! Starch is a glue, starch can clog your disposal, then run into your pipes, then glue them shut until you have rice/water/dirt volcano in your kitchen at 3am , when there are no plumbers and your cats are staring at your like your a lunatic as you try to stop it and oh dear god the water...

Sorry, I was having flashbacks. Don't do it, it will seriously screw up your system resulting in either a very expensive plumbing bill or a very aggravated home owner spending two hours trying to take apart a sink drain system to clear it all out (only to have it back up again, because glue).
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