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Most plants contain minute amount of some toxin. My dogs love avocados. I have only about year ago learned that they suppose to kill dogs.

I have a theory, all these lists of just about any food that apparently is deadly to dogs is a way pet food companies are making us buy more kibble and processed snacks.

Years back we all used raisins for reward when training our dogs, I also gave heaps of grapes to them. When we were told that 7 raisins can kill a dog, I stopped, but last year my dogs managed to steal whole 3 pound bag from my shopping on Saturday morning, and I did not realize until Sunday afternoon, when I found the empty bag in the back of the garden. That was 3 pounds of grapes for 2 Whippets = at least 1.5 pounds per dog, if they divided it fairly. There was absolutely no adverse reaction.

Some of the dangerous foods are sort of right; stone fruit pits contain cyanide, as do apple pips; but you would have to eat a lot to die. Potatoes when sprouting/green contain solanine, but you would have to eat quite lot of potatoes.

Theoretically you could overdose on vitamin A if you eat enough carrots ....
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