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Tsk, Tsk

Originally Posted by Plurabelle View Post
The Surreal Life and Couples Therapy, anyone? Didn't they also do some kind of rehab show w/ dr Drew? I lost all respect for him (as if I had any to begin with) as a result of that show - rehab must be private and intimate. What a joke.
I feel like reality TV is one of those avenues where satire just can't hope to keep up. No matter how absurd the premise the satirist invents, some reality producer will either implement or exceed it. Wasn't "Wife Swap" a sketch on Chapelle's Show before it became a network reality show.

I think the only way for satire to stay ahead of the absurdity of actual reality television is for the satirists to inflict overtly illegal acts on their characters. The Onion's "Sex House" did this well. For the first two episodes, you could see this actually being a real show, albeit a poorly planned one (putting 1 gay man and 7 heterosexuals isn't exactly conducive to that guy wanting sex).

You should all check out Sex House on YouTube. Fantastic stuff.
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