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Our rule was always the general 15 minute rule. Most of my professors never seemed to mind if we left after 15 minutes. Barring the exception I'm about to talk about, only had it happen once, and it was because it was icy and our professor had broken his leg on his way to class so he had no real time to warn us.

And then there was one of my beginning Telecom professors. It was an 8AM class, so no one wanted to be there, but I took it because it was the only one that fit my schedule. Prof on the first day was a huge stickler for the rules. "If you miss two classes you will fail. If I show up and you are not here, you are counted absent." Etc. So second class, I show up on time. 8:15, people are murmuring, TA awkwardly stands up and notes he guesses the professor can't be there that day, and starts showing us a documentary the professor had set up just in case.

Same thing the next class. The class after that, the professor does the class as a Skype call while still in his pajamas, and decides to just leave in the middle of it. Then he didn't show up again the next class. At which point I wanted to drop the course, but if I did I was no longer technically a full time student, so I just bit the bullet and went to talk to the Dean.

Basically what I got was that the guy was tenured and so there wasn't much the Dean could do, but that he'd pull some strings so the bad grade I was going to get as a result of no longer going wouldn't really affect my scholarship. But at that point, the professor obviously didn't respect his class at all, so I didn't see why I should respect it in turn because I wasn't learning anything. Fin. Then I found five dollars.
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