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Originally Posted by Lainie View Post
No, but the TA was, right? Maybe the list was to impress upon the TA how many people were inconvenienced when s/he didn't show.
Maybe not the TA, but the professor teaching the class. That professor is, for all intents and purposes, the TA's "supervisor" when it comes to their employment. TAs are paid for their work, and I imagine that unless it was explicitly changed, they were expected to show up for that session. When I was a TA myself, we had our obligations for tutorial sessions, labs, and for some, "office hours" where they were available to students. But TAs were only part-time employees and our hours and obligations were, however, limited. Most professors emphasized to students that they should not pester TAs outside of their scheduled hours, and that if they needed more help, they should approach the prof - an actual full-time employee.

Being a TA and not showing up for a session or lab, however, would get us in big trouble with the prof teaching the class.
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