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I can't think of any class where I had a teacher not show up. I had a few who cancelled class often, but none who just didn't show up. The first time I was in school, they would cancel class by putting a note on the door (which was really annoying when I had stayed on campus for a 6:30pm class*). The second time I was in school**,they sent e-mails.

Both times I was in school, they took attendance. They said that it was a requirement for getting federal funding. It was also a significant part of the grade in several of my hard science classes. In, at least, one class, it was impossible to get an A if you missed more than two class lectures.

*Why, oh why do they schedule business classes that late? (I actually do know the answer to this one, but it would have been nice if they had scheduled at least one session of these courses during the day. It's nice that they scheduled them for people who had day jobs, but some of us had night jobs.)
**I got my first degree in 2005, I started on my second in 2012, there was a huge technology shift at that university over that time period.
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