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No one really formally took attendance in my classes. As I said as you got higher the profs started to be able to keep track.
A few times the TA didn't show up to their sessions and someone would circulate a sheet that we would all sign to keep track of who was there to give to them the next week. This happened in several different classes and I have no idea why. You weren't required to be at the TA sessions.
For one sociology course (or maybe psychology course, I forget) the TA had a lazy eye (I didn't know which one to look at) and an extremely heavy accent - so heavy that he would say "Do you understand what I am saying?" and it would be 10 seconds before you would say yes because you were still working it out.
He also used extremely odd abbreviations on the board. So you would also have to spend time figuring those out.
Didn't know which eye to make eye contact with, hard to understand listening, hard to understand in writing...
Yeah, I went to two sessions and never came back. Still got an A in the course though.
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