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For me, a professor, coming to class on time is necessary to show respect to the students in my classes. If I was ever scared of being late (once when my alternator went kaput on the way to school), I call someone in the department to let them know. Luckily, with the car issue, I was coming in to office hours, so they were able to replace my alternator and I was able to make it to class on time. But you better believe I was on the phone to the departmental coordinator about the possibility of being late/cancelling class.

I don't know how long my students would wait for me if I was late to class. I certainly wouldn't penalize them for leaving if I showed up late.

I always take attendance in my classes. I use attendance as extra credit. Students do not get marked as present if they are more than 15 minutes late to class. I use it to encourage students to come to class. They're adults and don't have to come, but most benefit from hearing the lecture and discussion as well. Also, if a student drops or fails the class, my university requires us to state the last date they attended.

In my grad classes, I also take attendance and it IS a part of their final grade because in topics I cover, we need to go beyond the readings into critical discussion of the readings so that I can be sure that higher learning is actually taking place. Students also benefit from hearing the lived experiences from their fellow classmates, I find.
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