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When I was in college several classes were required by the departments to take attendance & usually there was a rule that if you missed X number of classes it would negatively impact your grade. It seemed most common in arts based classes. I majored in film so I took quite a few.

I think part of that was rooted in the belief that many students (who take arts classes as an elective, rather than part of their major) that arts based classes are BS courses that they should be able to sleepwalk through. Unlike their "real classes" such as math and science. Department heads don't really like their life's work being trivialized like that, so they make such policies.
In my experience in undergrad., classes that didn't take attendance were generally the exception rather than the rule. Every math course I've attended in college (calc. I, calc. II, and statistics) had a requirement that students show up on time, as did business classes. Science classes often didn't, except in the labs, but that was because they tended to be enormous lectures with 50-100 students (even at the 3000 level, probably because my school was relatively small and didn't have too many teachers to spare).

As far as teachers allowing you to be 15 minutes late without it counting against you, I think some did and some didn't. There was no university-wide policy on attendance, so obviously there was no university-wide policy allowing you to miss if the instructor was more than 15 minutes late. I would imagine that's why this one is a myth.

Also, a side note on the dorm discussion, our dorm rules weren't horribly restrictive, but some of them were bizarre. We were barred, in the housing contract, from elevator surfing, and from bringing motorcycles into the building (this was at Appalachian State University, and it is seriously there; I learned that after reading through the contract).
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