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Side note, I found this:
Originally Posted by damian View Post
How much better would the world be if it was never written, and instead, we just learned to be excellent to each other?
and this:
As everyone has a right to hold an opinion or belief, everyone has a right to mock those beliefs.
to be an amusing juxtaposition. If only we could learn to be more excellent to each other by mocking one another's beliefs.

If it helps, I think we are talking about the differences in literary genres and not the legitimacy of a given religious system. You can believe the content of a work is a long perpetuated lie, but you aren't going to convince many literary scholars to categorize the bible as "fiction" any more than they will call it a "teen romance" just because it contains a few love stories. It is more complicated than that. A silly self help book is not in the same category as a cultic religious text, which is not the same as a bad diet book, which is not the same as Tom Sawyer. Different genres, even if you personally believe they are all technically "lies."
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