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I just finished reading Charlie Shields' biography of Kurt Vonnegut (So It Goes). Not easy going: Vonnegut was a very unhappy man, in Shields' words "very damaged." I was prepared for that aspect of it, because of interviews I'd heard with Shields. More surprising was the depiction of Vonnegut's second wife, photographer Jill Krementz, and their marriage. Vonnegut told one of his daughters that Krementz and their very turbulent relationship were his "disease."

It's a well-written book, and Vonnegut was a fascinating person, but the disconnect between much of what Vonnegut wrote and the way he lived his life might be troubling to some people. His writings emphasized the importance of humans being kind to each other, for example, but he was rarely kind to anyone in his life, including his friends and family.
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