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Finished ‘Salem’s Lot and even though I was eyes wide-open about how it was going to end, the high body count remained a big downer. I couldn’t help but wonder how an infestation of this particular vampire type could possibly be self-sustaining in the long run. The vamps have to feed each night after all and each person killed not only removes a blood source but creates a competitor to the original vamp. If they can’t spread out fast enough (and it seems like they territorially return to their old haunts and aren’t mentally with-it enough to plan their grocery trips), it seems like it would eventually burn out in an isolated area like the Lot once all the warm bodies are gone. Also *spoiler* how the NFBSK did Barlow get into the Petrie home? He wasn’t invited in. He seemed vulnerable to holy wafers and crosses, so why the the invitation exemption?

Gonna fire up Neal Stephenson’s techno-thriller Reamde, which I think is pronounced REEM-dee and not like reamed or, if I'm under-caffeinated and over-confused, readme.
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