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Comment: I just read the stuff about Niagara Falls being frozen over. It
seems to be labled as "urban". However, I have several photos of the
falls with people walking over it, taken by my great grandparents. There
is no question it's Niagara Falls and I've been there many many many
times. My ancestors lived in the Niagara Falls area for many years around
the turn of the century and beyond. There is no question that the
pictures I have are authentic and taken in 1911. I strongly dispute your
claims that it's a fake or whatever. The photos I have are rare and
apparently there are very few on the internet right now. There is one
photo that does resemble a part of one photo I have on hand.

Knowing about waterfalls and rivers in general (and growing up near a
river too), it is true that no river really completely freezes over in a
really cold winter (it'd have to have a long sustained cold spell for that
to happen!), because there is always some water flowing underneath all
that ice. That is true with waterfalls. So while it's true that the
waterfalls probably never really freeze over, the pictures I have show the
water complelely frozen over the falls as well as on the river above and
below the falls. That does not mean that there is no water flowing
underneath all that ice. Again, I strongly disagree with the claims made
on Snopes about the photos being a fake or doctored.
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