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Comment: In researching the email that was sent out about removing crosses
from federal cemetaries, I noted some of the comments that you made that
seemed contradictory to one another. First it was wrong for a judge to
"Sneak" (I think it is sad that it comes to this if indeed this was the
case) in a monument depicting the Ten Commandments and then you state that
it is OK for the depiction of Moses to be on the US Supreme Court Building
because he was a Law Giver?????? What exactly did he give us - THE TEN
COMMANDMENTS and for your information in case you forgot Moses was a JEW
and how many different Christian religions uphold the commandments given
to a JEW. I think it is a sad state of affairs when something so good and
so moral is looked upon as something so wrong. In addition how can you or
anyone else possibly compare a KLU KLUX KLAN Cross with a Nativity Scene,
one represents DEATH in the fowlest form and the other ETERNAL LIFE.
I am so disappointed in your comments - and don't tell me you are just
reporting the facts, I have read some of the comments you all make on your
Site, I use to enjoy looking things up but you have become SOOOOO BIASED
that I now have to go to other sites to find the truth.
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