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Originally Posted by Sly Dog View Post
I believe you are not saying that honesty is not important, but it does seem that you are making honesty a relative thing instead of an absolute. Would you care to step into the minefield and attempt to define when it is OK to speak untruth vs when it is not? Feel free to discuss how "who" the speaker is may affect the rightness or wrongness of speaking untruth.
To begin with, we all know that it is possible to deliberately misdirect a listener, without ever speaking any untruth at all. Such a person can't be said to be "lying," since every single word is true. But it is a form of evasion.

At the same time, entirely honest people can misspeak, or use a phrase that another person interprets differently.

Being "under sniper fire" does not mean exactly the same as "being shot at." The phrases may seem to be related, but they aren't identical. An area might be posted as a "sniper zone" in which case one inside that area could be "under sniper fire" even if no shots were fired in that entire day or week.

Some of the troops deployed to active combat duty in Iraq will never see an enemy combatant. They will never be downrange of active enemy fire. They will never be inside the burst radius of explosives. Would you deny them combat pay, since they were never "in combat?" Would you deny them the bragging rights, years later when they choose to run for Congress, of saying that they served "in combat?"

Hillary has enough sins against her that there is absolutely no need to invent new ones, or to exaggerate the existing ones. This is one of the things I find most foul about the vast conspiracy of hatred that has grown into a cottage industry in this country.

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