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Originally Posted by RBCal View Post
It's really hypocritical that the same people who's panties got twisted in a knot over Bill Clinton's parsing of what is is do the same thing with Hillary Clinton's words.

To make the claim that Hillary is a huge liar since she wasn't actually shot at and that her daughter wasn't actually at the WTC is far more disingenous than Hillary Clinton ever will be.
I believe you are not saying that honesty is not important, but it does seem that you are making honesty a relative thing instead of an absolute. Would you care to step into the minefield and attempt to define when it is OK to speak untruth vs when it is not? Feel free to discuss how "who" the speaker is may affect the rightness or wrongness of speaking untruth.

BTW, I recall a lengthy discussion on this board a few months ago wherein a majority of posters seemed to decry the word "panties" as symbolic sexism. Just a friendly caution.
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