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Originally Posted by Sly Dog View Post
I think I got it now. Because I repeated something negative about Hillary I am de-facto a liar and gives you license to twist and spin in an empty effort to prove it. I insisted? When? I comprehensively demonstrated? Comprehensively? That's a pretty broad brush. Comprehensively, after I admited that I was repeating reports from news media and not relaying things I have personally heard from the source?

Who are you trying to impress with your bluster and bully? Really gets under your skin to have someone challenge you, eh?
Calm down. I heard reports of what Clinton said about 9/11 as well, and my recollection is that she said that Chelsea was jigging 'in the area of' the WTC at the time, and it took a while to determine that Chelsea was not all that close. Now if the WTC was the whole complex, rather than the 2 tallest towers (I don't know), then she may well have been jogging through the WTC at times when she visited the area. But I don't recall any claims that she said that Chelsea was IN the WTC, and that, I believe, is what is garnering the criticism.
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