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Originally Posted by Chloe View Post
Since she didn't actually say that Chelsea was in the WTC and you insist she did, you are either mistaken or telling an untruth. Since you have comprehensively demonstrated that you don't give people the benefit of the doubt in such a situation, I am not at all sure why you think you are entitled to it.
I think I got it now. Because I repeated something negative about Hillary I am de-facto a liar and gives you license to twist and spin in an empty effort to prove it. I insisted? When? I comprehensively demonstrated? Comprehensively? That's a pretty broad brush. Comprehensively, after I admited that I was repeating reports from news media and not relaying things I have personally heard from the source?

Who are you trying to impress with your bluster and bully? Really gets under your skin to have someone challenge you, eh?
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