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Default "La-A" The kid is all grown up now

This is technically a "Friend-Of-A-Friend" story with at least one extra degree of FOAF attached.

DW and I work near each other and met for lunch yesterday. She told me something that her hiring manager had just shared with her only an hour or so earlier. Apparently, he tried to arrange an interview by calling an applicant and had to be corrected on the proper pronunciation of the applicant's name. "It's 'LaDASHa. You have to pronounce the dash."

I recognized the story and told my wife that it had been around for at least a few years. After our lunch, she even revisited the story in casual conversation with the hiring manager. "Oh yeah, I have the application in my file cabinet." was the response.

Apparently, the story is being trotted out whenever people in hiring and HR need to express that they are making attempts to recruit a diverse workforce.
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