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Originally Posted by Beachlife! View Post
I pretty much have stopped gift giving to most people. I don't understand insisting on exchanging gifts when all it does is cause stress and usually leads to accumulation of stuff people don't want or need.
And, some of the stress can come from the fact that people can come from varying financial circumstances.

If Aunt A gives something to Aunt B that's worth x, Aunt B might be uncomfortable if she only gave something to Aunt A worth y (because that was all she could afford). Even if Aunt A understands the situation.

Long ago my extended family cut out the exchanging gifts to everyone and adopted a "Yankee swap" where you'd pick one person's name and give to that person.

And my mother led the way in cutting out the Christmas cards many years ago. She just announced that she wasn't going to send them and requested that she not be sent them.