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It's not uncommon to bury a TBM or at least just it cutter heads, but there is nothing to indicate that it was done for the Eisenhower tunnel.
Besides, you couldn't just start over again unless you came from the other direction and then the story would be that they buried two TBMs, since you wouldn't be able to get the second one out either.
Both tunneling teams would eventually meet at a point closer to the French coast, as shown in Fig. 3. The issue that remained, however, was disposing of the immense TBMs within the tunnel. For the service tunnels, when the opposing TBMs were 100 m apart the French TBM was stopped and dismantled while the British TBM continued on for another 50 m before being turned on its side and buried. The remaining distance was dug using hand-held tools to allow for a small ceremony dedicating the historical breakthrough. The running tunnels took a reverse approach: the British TBM was buried with concrete below the tunnel floor while the French TBM tunneled through the remaining distance before being dismantled
Queensland Premier Anna Bligh said the decision to bury the machine’s cutterheads were appropriate as they were custom-made items that would take months of additional surface work to retrieve. “It is far cheaper and has far less impact on the local community to leave the cutter head in the ground,” she said.
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