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As usual they say it looked "huge" and about 50 feet long compared to nearby boats, but there's nothing in the rather blurry picture to give a scale. Whatever's making the wake looks much smaller than that to me. If it had a head like a labrador, then perhaps it was a labrador?

Aware of similar sightings in the lake, he began taking pictures of what he calls the "Bowness Monster".

"When I looked at them on my computer I realised I had something," he said. "It was spine-tingling."


His wife, 38, said: "I was just making excuses in my head for what it could be but when we saw the pictures we knew we had seen something really important."
Huh? If they showed the best picture in the article, then it's hardly that exciting... what about the pictures made them think it was so important?

Dr Charles Paxton, a Marine Biologist from St Andrews University in Edinburgh, said: "A fish or a water mammal would not be that big and deer would not go under the water."

He said that new species of water creatures are often discovered, so he "wouldn't rule out any possibilities".
It's quite unusual for new 50 foot long species to be discovered, though, let alone in a smallish lake that's been well-used by humans for centuries. That seems an odd thing for a marine biologist to say. I wonder how much context they gave him.
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