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Originally Posted by ganzfeld View Post
I think one thing is people have to stop putting old art on a pedestal, no matter how "good" it's supposed to be. I love the Gioconda as much as the next guy steeped in this Eurocentric cesspool and I don't expect the Louvre to take it out of its special little place but, really, let's move on. Maybe what we're looking for doesn't exist yet. I'm all for fully funded art history classes to the max but a lot of this "good art" talk is just nostalgia. (Also, if what you talk about in art history is what's "good" or not, fercryinoutloud get a new teacher or textbook or something. That's so f-ing irrelevant.) I mean, are we really losing anything by putting I Spy in film and TV class rather than the reruns hour? Really? Put something new there.
This comment reminded me of a something I stumbled onto on Pinterest. I know, Pinterest hardly qualifies as a scholarly source, but often a brief visual speaks better than a paragraph-long screed, so here it is.

I actually think that it is a smart strategy of Warner Brothers, not trying to ignore or sugarcoat their problematic art, but acknowledging it for what it is.

Though to go along with the last few lines of ganzfeld’s comment, at the same time, the warning label depicted in the link for said cartoons, is probably only found on the DVDs of these cartoons, which are probably geared less towards a wide audience and more for scholars and enthusiasts fascinated with the history of Warner Brothers’ cartoons. These cartoons aren’t likely still shown in reruns on whatever channel.

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