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Originally Posted by musicgeek View Post
Dr. Winston O'Boogie, I'm curious as to what makes you think Wagner has "fallen out of favor." The Met just performed Parsifal at the start of their 2018 season, Chicago Symphony has Wagner programmed for May, Boston Symphony just finished a 3-day run of an all-Wagner program, Cleveland Symphony has a Tristan und Isolde program coming up in two weeks.... in Europe, the Royal Opera House (London) will open its 2018-2019 season with the complete Ring cycle, the Bayreuth Festival is still going strong, a new production of Lohengrin will be in Marseille in May... I think that most scholarly discussion of Wagner now includes criticisms of his views, but his music is still regularly performed by major opera houses and orchestras.
Well, with your name, you may have a better feel for the pulse of the musical community....

Let's say that I've heard (I know, a phrase that's practically a sin on the ULMB) of people considering then dropping the use of Wagner because of his non-musical side. You had examples, but how much more would his works be performed if his beliefs were different?
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