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Originally Posted by Tootsie Plunkette View Post
It's been a long time since I was in college, but I don't remember my tuition money guaranteeing me x hours of classes.
When I went to university in the late '80s, it was stated in the student handbook and on the first day of classes during the mandatory introductory briefing by professors, that for each credit hour for the class, 15 hours of instruction will be given. A 3 credit hour course would have 45 hours of instruction (one hour each Monday, Wednesday and Friday for fifteen weeks, for example).

This stuck out with me because we had one professor who, during his mandatory introductory brief, ranted because his class was Monday afternoon for three hours. Yet school started on a Tuesday, Thanksgiving was on a Monday and Remembrance Day was on a Monday, meaning that he had to rearrange his schedule to provide another 9 hours of instruction that was available to most students. His option: for the last 9 weeks of the course, the three hour Monday afternoon class became a 4 hour Monday afternoon class. And given that there were only 12 Mondays in the school schedule, it made those nine Mondays painful.
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