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Originally Posted by Richard W View Post
It's interesting that there doesn't seem to be any historical doubt that Mohammed existed, and was pretty much the person he is presented as.

Is that 600 years (between Jesus and Mohammed) enough to eliminate doubt? Or is it that there aren't as many hard-to-believe claims made about Mohammed? I don't think Muslims claim Mohammed as God, for one thing. I may be wrong.
Some things, like being a warlord who built a significant empire, which grew to a huge empire after his death, no doubt are well documented - the Byzantines, as good Romans, kept excellent records. The Persians and Egyptians (if then independent) probably have records as well. Of course, the Muslim Empire probably started making records soon after they started ruling stuff, but outside sources are usually preferred. OTOH, things like receiving the various revelations which became the Koran in visions while meditating, and ascending to heaven on a white horse upon death, are matters of faith.
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