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Comment: Regarding rumors about Mr. Barack Obama; I can appreciate that
you try to put to rest rumors about him. But, it is my personal opinion
that pictures don't lie. How many times have I seen him NOT salute the
American Flag. It is also my personal feelings when he was running for
president in 2008 I was appalled that he would paint his "personal" plane
with his own logo. No stars and stripes for him, nosiree, it was all
about moving "forward". Well, to be honest, if we are moving forward I
need to turn around because "my country", the United States of America,
English speaking, is in dire straits with his forward plan. Lastly,
rumors may be rumors but pictures aren't rumors, they are images that show
"in the moment". How many pictures have you truly looked at and asked
yourselves, this is truly sad of an American president?
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