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Originally Posted by Darth Credence View Post
That sounds like the basis of the AFFL, or American Flag Football League. To truly reduce the injuries, that is pretty much the direction you have to go.
Not really. You could significantly reduce injuries, particularly concussions, by limiting the size of players, playing on real turf, or by outlawing cleats. Basically anything that reduces the energy of collisions, either by reducing weight or by slowing the players down, will significantly reduce injures.

One of the real disappointments of the NFL's feeble attempt at studying concussions starting in the 1990's was that they didn't even really try to collect decent statistics on injuries. They never even looked at things like how many concussions were caused by players head's bouncing off artificial field surfaces (basically thin carpet on top of concrete), or how many were caused by being hit by things other than someone else's head. Thigh pads not only protect the wearer's thigh but also the heads of opponents. Many a defensive player has been knocked unconscious by the knee or thigh of an opposing 250-pounds-of-solid-muscle running back. There are a number of things that could significantly reduce injures without really changing the game all that much. The NFL loss a couple decades where those changes could have been made.
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