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Really, given the popularity of the NFL, it's not surprising that we've seen attempts to start new pro leagues that play in the off-season (e.g., the USFL and XFL). Not sure why they haven't been more successful. Maybe it's the fact that the pro season is relatively short and consists of a much more limited number of contests than competing pro sports that makes the games more of an "event." Maybe there just isn't the talent around to support another league that can play at the level fans demand.

If I were thinking about it now, I might consider trying to start a "lighter" league -- that is, one that was specifically designed with rules, equipment, etc., to attempt to reduce the number of injuries and, most particularly, concussions. I know a few football fans who have given up watching the sport since that problem became publicized. You might attract some players who would be willing to trade some of the money and prestige for reducing their risk. (You might even be able to get some retired NFL players, or those approaching retirement, to move over to play in a less physically strenuous game.)

But would anyone watch? I don't know. Probably not enough people to really compete with the NFL, though possible enough to still make it a money-making proposition.
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