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Comment: Robert Osborne commented after a showing of "Dr. Strangelove" on
TCM that Ronald Reagan was surprised when he got to Washington that the
War Room did not resemble the set of Dr. Strangelove. This interpretation
suggests that Reagan actually believed a movie set was reality. The
story, as related by Osborne, lacks the ring of truth. His summation,
"True story," makes me think he doth protest too much.

I have encountered several other versions of this subject on the web. The
most believable indicates that Reagan asked to see the War Room at the
White House, only to be informed that there wasn't one. It may be
possible to editorialize his reaction (disappointment), but this is a far
cry from the depiction Osborne gives on TCM. What did Reagan really ask,
what was his reaction, and who reported these events? Is/are the
source(s) reliable, or is this merely a cheap attempt to paint Reagan as a
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