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I'm impressed how a gay character is played on an episode of Night Court. He is not flaming or even effeminate. It deals extensively with how oversexed Dan reacts to being around a man he knows to be gay (they actually end up trapped in an elevator alone together). First Dan acts like it is catching and/or that the guy is going to make a play for him, but as he gets to know him better it is made clear he's just a person like anyone else. The actor who plays the gay man is one who was on the show in a handful of different roles over the many years Night Court was on the air, and he plays the role as he does any of the others, without any gay "tells" or affectations. On the rare occasion a gay man was included in a sit-com at that time, usually it was entirely for comedic effect (laughing at the character). The comedy in that episode of Night Court, however, comes from poking fun at the silly ways other people's prejudices cause them to interact with the character: he is the "straight man" as it were.
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