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I was kind of surprised when I recently rewatched "The Mark of Gideon" episode from ST:TOS (I hadn't seen the full episode in a long time because it's one of the worst of the series) and observed that it includes references to sterilization, contraception, and a pro-life viewpoint in a conversation between Kirk and an official of Gideon. Certainly overpopulation was a big issue of the time, but to hear all that mentioned plainly on a network drama produced in 1968 caught me by surprise:

HODIN: The birth rate continued to rise, and the population grew, until now Gideon is encased in a living mass who can find no rest, no peace, no joy.

KIRK: Then why haven't you introduced any of the new techniques to sterilise men and women?

HODIN: Every organ renews itself. It would be impossible.

KIRK: Then let your people learn about the devices to safely prevent conception. The Federation will provide anything you need.

HODIN: But you see, the people of Gideon have always believed that life is sacred. That the love of life is the greatest gift. That is the one unshakable truth of Gideon. And this overwhelming love of life has developed our regenerative capacity and our great longevity.

KIRK: And the great misery which you now face.
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