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It probably isn't below freezing on most "wet cold" days here, but it certainly feels a lot colder and less pleasant than "dry cold" days, while skiing for example, which are below freezing. You don't need to read it in books - it's about perception; you can feel it for yourself just by experiencing both...

I'm sure there's a point where even dry cold becomes unbearable - I found it in Seoul for one - but that's not really relevant. After a point, around 0 degrees C I assume, the water freezes out of the air anyway and so it's all "dry cold".

I have read (somewhere) that this is a myth - that below freezing the levels of humidity in the air have no effect whatsoever on perceived temperature to people.

... I have heard the explanation for this perception is that dry cold tends to occur in sunny places so people feel better out in the sun vs a wet cold where it is overcast.
That doesn't make sense anyway. It doesn't really feel colder, it just feels as though it feels colder? Hmm...
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