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Originally Posted by Joostik View Post
Sometimes the Dutch press, when translating from the English "White Van Driver", goes on about those notorious "Caucasian Van Drivers" ...
I was unaware that vans had an ethnicity.

I have never heard specifically a white van being used by kidnappers exclusively. Occasionally, I hear about vans in general being used in crimes, and that being portrayed in popular culture. For example in Naked Gun 2 1/2 one of the villains drives a red van. And in The Last Enemy, one of the characters, a rogue sociopathic agent played by Robert Carlyle, drives a blue van. However, when he kidnaps a character and ties him up in his trunk, he uses another vehicle, a cadillac if memory serves so I wonder if they were playing on that.

I wonder if part of the idea of the white van, is that it resembles an ice cream truck and falls into the "accepting candy from strangers" mentality. Also, didn't Ted Bundy drive a van too that was suspiciously spruced up and stripped to commit his crimes? Maybe part of that stigma came from him as well.

I suppose it makes sense, a criminal needs a large vehicle to hide whatever he/she needs and if they get pulled over. There are more places to hide something or someone.
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