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I used to work in construction and we saw plenty of white vans. Usually company vehicles that belonged to one of the many subcontractors that work on most construction jobs. Plumbers, painters, electricians, elevator guys (that was me) white vans are often the transport of choice. I think because of two things. For a windowless cargo van sitting outside in the sun all day white would be optimal because it reflects sunlight better and doesn't get as hot as a dark one would. Also white is the paint primer color so it's easier to get some local graphic designer to paint a name, logo and phone number for your company on a white van.

Personally I had never even heard the term "kidnapper van" until I dated a rich girl who's mother had major security issues. This girl was often "oh my God, that looks like a kidnapper van" and I had to point out that to my eyes it looked more like a painter's van, complete with paint stained ladders strapped to the roof.
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