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My parents, while too lazy to actually go to mass much, were both raised Catholic all the way and made me do a few rituals like the lords prayer daily (mainly out of guilt, they could have cared less though showed concerned when I showed I was leaning towards atheism/agnosticism) and I did do the major stuff (baptism, confession and confirmation).

I questioned the hell out of the Lord's Prayer since my mom had a kitschy plaque in her kitchen about bread, and "give us this day our daily bread", and when I asked my mom said "lead us not into temptation" was a reference to Biblical tests (sorry, I can't recall any offhand, but I seem to recall the old testament had a lot of people being tested by God in pretty awful ways -- Abraham's up-til-the -minute sacrifice of Isaac hit me so hard I basically lost all faith in Christianity at around 7) and the Catholic church represented the new covenant of the Catholic Church in the New Testament, eschewing the Old Testament while still respecting it.

My mom is no biblical or religious scholar, nor am I. It was a $5 plaque.
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