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Canada Match Game

This is it! After 9 1/2 years, I've finally reached 3000 posts! (Clearly, I'm not a prolific poster ) In commemoration of this historic event, I present MATCH GAME 3000! How, you ask, does MATCH GAME 3000 differ from plain old Match Game? It doesn't!

Here are the rules:

1. I enlist six snopesters to act as Panelists for the contest. This position is unpaid; however, bribery is encouraged.
2. I will PM the Panelists a copy of the five questions for this series. The Panelists will PM me their answers, hopefully before the end of the first round.
3. I will post one round of questions at a time, beginning on Mondays and Thursdays. This gives you three days to answer, or four days for you weekday snopesters who are playing Match Game on your employers' dime.
4. Contestants post their answers in this thread; for each Panelist answer they match, they receive one point.
5. Except in the fifth round, that is; that round is worth a random amount between 2 and 5 points. Contestants must have participated (not necessarily scored) in the first four rounds to qualify for the bonus amount.
6. Answers that require determination will be given to my flatmate for final verdict, and she's a lot more generous than my wife was.
7. In case of tornado: southwest corner of cellar.
8. Winners will be determined by the amount of points awarded, obviously.

This series' prize package includes:
*VIP Backstage access to Rebecca Black's World Tour!
*A dinner for two with optional berating prepared by Gordon Ramsey!
*The frozen head of Walt Disney!

(notice: Employees, moderators, owners, members and anyone who has ever heard of are ineligible for prize package)

So with that said, who would like to volunteer to be a Panelist?
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