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Default Things that turned out better than expected

I need some good news in my life right now, so I thought I'd start this thread about situations where you thought everything was effed and it turned out okay.

I'll start:

My husband and I were crossing from Detroit to Windsor with my Shiba Inu in the back seat and the border agent had us pull over, but not to the usual secondary inspection area. I was sure we were going to be arrested for something. (What, I don't know, as we don't commit crimes but crossing the border as an immigrant tends to make one paranoid).

The border agent opened the back door and let my dog out (we always keep her on a leash in the car cos she tends to bolt out to have a pee and is a runner). He grabbed her leash and walked her around and said "where did you get her? I've been looking for a Shiba Inu for months but can't find a good breeder."

I gave him the name of the rescue where I got her (and some more local rescues I volunteer with, since I'd gotten her in Manhattan), then he loaded her back up and waved us through.

I hope he has a love affair with a Shiba right now.
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