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Originally Posted by Seaboe Muffinchucker View Post
Okay, I confess I have in storage a ton of old media (mostly 3.5" disks and CDs)
This isn't work related, but at home I still have boxes of 3.5" floppies on the shelf by my computer. Some of them contain old college assignments. Many contain 1990s era computer games. I have no idea why I keep them; I haven't even owned a computer that had a floppy drive in at least a decade. (Maybe I'll want to play Doom II again someday!)

Originally Posted by DrRocket View Post
Back in 2002, the powers that be decided a contract worker wasn't, so they gave him his walking papers...
I didn't go into detail before, but that was the situation with the technician that left the sandwiches and Hot Pockets in his drawer. He tended to be rather "flakey" though (which was the reason he no longer worked for us) so in his case it wouldn't surprise me if he actually forgot that stuff was in there.
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