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Back in 2002, the powers that be decided a contract worker wasn't, so they gave him his walking papers. Gave him 30 minutes to clean out his desk before he was escorted to the door. I remember he was really upset about how it all went down. Fast forward a week, and we noticed a foul odor that we couldn't quite locate the source of. A couple of weeks after that, the boss asked me to look for some files in ex-contractor's desk. I opened the big drawer, and found a heavily discolored Taco Bell bag. One corner had split open, and "stuff" was oozing out. I simply closed the drawer again, informed the boss as to what I'd found. Later that day, someone from maintenance, wearing a dust mask and industrial duty gloves showed up, removed said drawer, and took it away to have it steam cleaned.

No doubt in my mind he did it on purpose. From talking with him about various things, it's exactly the type of thing he would have done.

All this time since, I'd thought it was a unique thing, but from what I've read here, apparently not.
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