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Blow Your Top

Originally Posted by Die Capacitrix View Post
I am counting down to my coworker's retirement as he has stacks and stacks of instruction manuals for outdated software and years of industry magazines. It'll be interesting to be able to see over the stacks on his cabinet.
Reminds me of what was found in the next-door neighbor's house after his suicide. (this was back in 1982): 2 tons worth of technical manuals, technical specs, publications of that nature in his attic. It was a wonder the house did not collapse! I know this because the deceased's niece and her family had the dubious honor of clearing it out and hauling it to the county dump (for lack of a better term), where, due to the load, the truck had to be weighed before and after it was unloaded.
I had a boss who was once written up by the safety department for the gerbil heaven that his office was. Old phone messages, notes, journals and god-knows-what-else was all over that area.
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