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Originally Posted by Richard W View Post
What I don't get is what peer review (in the humanities?) is, if it doesn't involve fact-checking. Do they just check the spelling?
Originally Posted by Ellestar View Post
I think peer review in the humanities would be the same or similar to peer review in the sciences. You get someone in the same or similar field to read the presented research to determine if they are citing the correct people, using accepted methodologies, and getting what appears to be valid results.
I have had 2 peer review journal articles and 1 peer reviewed scientific paper published**. And Ellestar's process is almost exactly what happened to all my articles.

In essence, my reviewer ensured that I looked at a broad range of information, that my deductions were in line with the evidence, that my conclusions were fairly supported by my deductions.

Specifically, with my scientific paper, I was particularly challenged because my look at the crystal ball was somewhat different than that of others looking through the same crystal ball. I had to rewrite a section of it to better explain my position, including my justification from deviating from the near consensus of the group.

In the end, all three were well received, and my scientific paper is still being referenced today in other people's follow on work.

That was my experience with peer review. It was not editing or fact checking, but challenging my rigour, and ensuring that my positions were defensible.

**The journal articles are not truly "humanities" but historical analyses. One article was an analytical "how we got here from there" look at capability development with our military. The second was a critical look at implementation processes for new capabilities. The scientific paper was an analysis of future developments with military capability.
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