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Originally Posted by urbanlegendfanatic View Post
I eat a hard-boiled egg with breakfast each morning and I dump the shell down it without thinking about it. I wonder if that's a problem?

I'd heard that eggshells were good for keeping the disposal clean. Some plumbers insist they're bad. While I can't find any good evidence that they actually keep the disposal clean, there's no consensus among the experts and manufacturers. Some advice as to what one can put in a disposal is so limiting it reminds me of people who thoroughly rinse their dishes before putting them in the dishwasher - it makes me question the point of using these appliances. If all I can put in the disposal is waste so small that it wouldn't clog an ordinary drain, why would I want a garbage disposal? (Mine came with the place.) It would be like a owning hair dryer I could only use if my hair was slightly damp.
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