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I like the apparent disclaimer added at the top of the "fake news" article about Trump protesters being paid - the one that accuses the people he aimed it at of being idiots for being taken in, in exactly the terms that those people might use about others:

This story is not real. No one needs money to protest Donald Trump. I personally went to two Donald Trump rallies and I can say with 100% certainty that NONE of the protesters were getting paid. This story I wrote is mocking all of you sheep who think protesters are getting paid. Do your own thinking, retards.
The link given for that quote is interesting, though. It now goes to something on (I don't know the provenance of that site (*(eta) and I now notice that it's not "", it's "", which shows how easy it is to be fooled by these things even when you think you're paying attention)) and it also includes a list of associated keywords, or "Topics", for the story, right at the top. Here is the list of associated keywords, as I saw it just now:

TOPICS:500Barbara MikkelsonBarbara Mikkelson SnopesBarbara Mikkelson TransgenderBernie SandersCraigslistDavid MikkelsonDonald DrumpfDonald TrumpDonald Trump Paid ProtesterDonald Trump Paid ProtestersDonald Trump ProtesterDonald Trump Protester PaidDonald Trump ProtestersDonald Trump Protesters CraigslistDonald Trump Protesters PaidDonald Trump Says Clinton Pays Protesters $1Donald Trump Says Clinton Pays Protesters $1500Donald Trump Says Clinton Protesters PaidDonald Trump Says Hillary Clinton Pays ProtestersDonate SocksDrumpfHillary Clinton Protesters PaidIs Barbara Mikkelson Transgender?Jeff ZarronandiaKim LaCapriaMake Donald Drumpf!MikkelsonPaidPaid ProtestersPaul HornerProtestersScientologySnopesSnopes Barbara MikkelsonSnopes LiesSnopes SucksSnopes.ComSock It ForwardTrump Protesters CraigslistTrump RallyTrump Says Clinton Pays ProtestersTrump Says Clinton Pays Protesters $1Trump Says Clinton Protesters PaidWomen Are The Future
That is clearly not a neutral list associated with the content of the article! I wouldn't like to say where it came from, but it's interesting. (eta) Less so now that I've noticed that the entire site is fake, rather than (as I'd previously thought) a reproduction of the original fake article on a more legitimate site. It's just a fake list of keywords, basically. But it is obvious that even in the fake list, he was attacking snopes.

I don't envy snopes and his team their jobs!

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