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Originally Posted by moonlight View Post
And that's nothing. At least they need real assistance...for the flat tire I can understand if say a woman traveling alone might want a police escort so she is not at the mercy of some creep on a dark road alone at night, not necessarily someone to change the tire...and the cat one, well I blame tv. People always call the fire dept to get their cat out of a tree in sitcoms and kid's movies.
Originally Posted by robbiev View Post
But this is what they say people call for. Not, "It's 3:00 and I'm stuck at Third and Mclemore by myself," but instead, "Please send someone out to change my tire" or "Please send someone to tow my car to the repair shop" or "Please send someone to come pick me up and take me home" or even "I'm drunk and can't drive and I need a ride home."
Unless you are in immediate danger of life and limb, you should not be calling 911 (or the local equivelant in your area). It's 3am and I'm scared is a matter for you to report on a non-emergency number. Since you obviously have a phone (or esle you couldn't dial 911), call information and ask to the non-emergency number for the local police. But wanting a police escort because it is late and you are scared is not an emergency.

OTOH, it's 3am, I'm all alone, and there's a guy following me, could be an emergency and it is ok to call 911 to get help.

You can call the fire department to get your cat out of a tree, but you must call the non-emergency number and it is up to their discretion where they help you.

Sadly, way too many people do not understand the difference between "personal crisis" and "life and limb emergency." To put it short, if you cannot identify an immediate threat, then you do not need 911 and you are wasting resources that could be better spent saving a person's life.
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