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Originally Posted by robbiev View Post
There have seen a couple of local commercials (using local celebrities) saying they really get calls for flat tires and cats in the tree and other non-emergency problems. That's not quite the same as the OP, but it's still dumb.
And that's nothing. At least they need real assistance...for the flat tire I can understand if say a woman traveling alone might want a police escort so she is not at the mercy of some creep on a dark road alone at night, not necessarily someone to change the tire...and the cat one, well I blame tv. People always call the fire dept to get their cat out of a tree in sitcoms and kid's movies.

People call for much, much dumber stuff. One of the last days I worked someone called and said he was at the mall filling out a job application and he forgot his driver's license and he wanted me to give him his driver's license number. Of course he didn't come right out and tell me this, I figured it out after questioning him for a good five minutes.
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