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Originally Posted by ChasFink View Post
it's often an illusion, with items stacked in front of and on top of a big cubic shape.
I get a catalog from a company that supplies such places; mostly because every couple of years I buy a batch of twisties from them that say "Organically Grown", which I can't seem to find anywhere else. It's kind of fun to read the thing, though.

In the produce displays section they include a batch of produce risers meant for that purpose: to make it look as if there's a lot more out there than there is. This actually makes sense. Produce keeps a whole lot better in the back, under better controlled temperature and not being handled by customers (some of whom have been told to squeeze or jam their thumbs into things to check freshness,* and some of whom are just careless); but it sells better if it looks like there's a lot there. I think the display in the picture posted takes that principle too far; the quantities there actually look rather off-putting. But it's true enough to a point. Anybody selling fresh produce knows about what I call "last pint syndrome": when there's only a little left of something, many customers seem to think there must be something wrong with it, as the last pint or two often just sit on the stand for the rest of the market after the rest of the full flat(s) all sold in the first hour or two.

(It seems to work that way more for common produce than for unusual items. I once had several people all trying to buy the same Last Bunch of cilantro; but the Last Pint of green beans often comes back home with me. Where I eat it.)

*ETA: please don't! There are better ways (which vary by the type of produce) to check for freshness and for ripeness; and, while it may not be immediately evident, that eggplant you pushed your thumb into will have a thumb-shaped bruise apparent some hours later; and then nobody else will want to buy it, either.
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