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Originally Posted by RealityChuck View Post
I started getting them about four years ago, after I got really got the flu. I had had it previously, and it wasn't too bad, but this put me out for several days (and I'm rarely sick). It was not something I want to repeat.
I think (and I'm not saying you did this, RealityChuck, just using your post as a jumping-off point) that part of the antipathy (or at least apathy) towards flu shots stems from people not really understanding what THE FLU is. So many people in my experience seem to think of it as a bad cold. It isn't. The level of unwellness I felt when I had the flu, the true and proper flu, was like nothing else I had ever had before. Not an experience I care to repeat.

Originally Posted by Lainie View Post
I haven't even seen anything about employees here getting flu shots.
I'm a bit surprised, too. They used to offer them when I was there, though that's several years back now.
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