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Originally Posted by Mouse View Post
Iíve long thought that it would make more sense for the Olympics to have a few permanent locations that they cycle through every four years. As youíve pointed out, for all the money host countries spend on them, they invariably wind up being a financial sinkhole.
There's an interesting parallel to be made with cities in the US building stadiums for NFL teams there.

So letís have some locations for summer games and some for winter games and cycle through them. In the interest of paying homage to the ideals of bringing people together in the name of athletics, we can put a permanent Olympics location on every continent, except Antarctica but that was probably obvious enough. Though one of the locations should be Athens in the interest of paying respect to the Ancient Greeks who came up with the idea.
Good idea. And the locations should also be used for other things during the off season instead of just sitting there empty.
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