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Immediately after firing down the barrel of the main gun, the man was cut down by one fo the two machine guns also mounted on the tank.

Even assuming the first option is possible (I would imagine the fuse doesn't arm until the round is fired so that a dropped round wouldn't explode inside the turret), how would you know? It isn't like the GI would be so accurate that he'd know that he actually hit the fuse. And if he was close enough to be sure (IE, right in front of the cannon), the blast down the barrel would most likely kill him too. And for the latter, while a jammed barrel can explode/burst when fired, I doubt that a (copper?) and lead bullet 3/10 of an inch in diameter would be enough to jam a round over 10 times its diameter (and about 1,000 times the mass*). It might damage the barrel, but I'd expect the bullet to be smashed by the much more massive tank round.

*Numbers are for 30-06 150 gr vs 9.4 gk 88mm.
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